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Updated: 2020
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  The world is experiencing one of the most difficult and trying times in recent history. The global pandemic of Covid-19 has affected everyone's lives here in the United States and abroad. Some have lost their lives, have lost their job or hours cut back, our economy seems somewhat in shambles.
BUT God is still on the Throne. Nothing that is going on has surprised Him, caught Him off guard. We can experience His Holy Spirit comfort and peace in amidst of all this upheaval.
During this time, we will be live streaming each Sunday morning at 11:00AM an abbreviated service on our church Facebook page (see link to left). Please tell your friends, relatives, encouraging them to watch, to lean on Jesus, the only source of strength we can rely on.
For the duration of this temporary suspending of services, we are providing a link to allow for everyone to financially support, through tithes and offerings, God's work here at the Springfield Assembly of God. Your support is truly needed in order for us to meet our obligations to our communities, and our missionaries we support. Thank you for your faithful giving.
For the safety of all in the congregation of the Springfield Assembly of God